Alfie Wraps (previously known as Alfie Danger), has returned and this time there’s no holding back! The MC has co-written some of Dappy‘s biggest tracks to date but this time he, himself is doing the most. Offering his opinion on a very controversial subject, he speaks on the rise of some of his social media obsessed peers.

The lyrics read-

Can’t fool me again, that smile is pretend

Going back to his early career, Alfie was known to be dipping in and out of Pirate radio stations around West London as he made a name for himself as an MC. Since then, in 2012 Alfie was introduced to Dappy through a family friend which led to him co-writing Bad Intentions and Eros Apollo.

This is definitely not the last you will be hearing of Alfie especially his open and boldness to speak on topics most MCs and rapper dare not. It is so refreshing and we are 100% all for it.


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