Azekel comes straight-out-of-the-gate with a resample upgrade of a seventies classic with his vocals. It’s an undeniable anthem that will have chills up your spine as he reaches the high-note.

It’s been a while since the release of his two volumes of ‘Raw’. He’s has a dedicated following and a sexy sound that will want you to hear more. We wonder if Azekel is bringing out his inner Miguel with this one… What are your thoughts people? An instrumentalist, producer, songwriter and artist Azekel has pulled the right stops with this release. It’s the end of the year and we’re tired of work and we just want to have fun in the house tonight. We’ve been waiting for this fella to bring out more new material and we’re glad that he’s back, fresh with a more new material in its purity. Both ‘Raw Vol. 1’ and ‘Vol.2’ has exceeded more than 100k streams. He’s earned reputation on both sides of the pond. Gratitude goes out to Blacksmif, who produced this track. He also has an impressive Soundcloud resume for you to listen to.¬†



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