Once again, Azekel compels the second volume of his “Raw” series. Everything executed on this album was done by Azekel, with the smash hit “Linger” opening the second chapter of great music. It’s has the elements of poetry as well as an artistic, yet dark futuristic sound, as already seen with his first volume. Then, he goes straight in it with “Stuck” that’s has a jazz and blues vibe.

After the “Sketch Pt.2”, he returns with his alternative versatile sound with “The War Inside” before ending it with his collaboration with James Massiah, with a spoken word.

Unlike Vol.1  was a lure into romance, Vol.2 gradually explores  social issues, with snippets of commentary coming from his friends (“Sketch Pt 2”. However, despite the social elements underlined in this second edition, Azekel’s still continues to keep it lush and sexy with his vocals; something that was last seen by the legendary Marvin Gaye (whom Azekel is inspired by).

What can we expect from the third volume? Well we’re not sure, but after getting recognised by the Momentum Music Institute (and as we’ve said already), Azekel is the next one to watch in the rise of British Soul.

From performing at Roundhouse in 2012 to getting on the Glastonbury stage, the only way is up with this lad.

“Raw Vol. 2” is available via Soundcloud and can be purchased via iTunes



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