'Before We Crash' is R.M Moses 24th short film. The budding award-winning filmmaker is on the verge of a pivotal point of his career, setting new sights on his first feature film 'Runaway Sparks'. 


Even though we've excited you with the announcement of his first major project, this post is specifically about the short film that was shot in L.A, starring former 'My Wife and Kids' actress Jennifer Freeman and 'Glee' Dijon Talton - who is Meagan Good's cousin. We had a first exclusive preview at the DAF Film Night in May, so we're giving you a nice creme de la creme with this review.

'Before We Crash' is ever beautiful with both Talton and Freeman being the leading actors in this raw, simplistic short. No glamour, or special effects - just two people talking. Shot in the purest form from the cinematography style that Moses has become widely known for.

'Before We Crash' takes notes from 'Before Sunrise' where you the viewer is left with your own assumptions and conclusions about the conversation. It's as almost you're overhearing (or taking a nose in) a conversation between two lovers that becomes the official plot of the short itself. The short shows Moses talent in script writing of humour, poetry and vulnerability and wit. It's a huge leap for Moses to use two emerging actors in the youth of his career, as it shows Moses' eye for talent. It also sets him among the underdogs in Hollywood, as he's demonstrated A-star quality for the work that he produced.

With a nomination at the BT BUFF Awards this year for his film 'Signs of Silence,' Moses continues being a breakthrough in British indie film. What are the prospects of him doing an 'After We Crash' eh?


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