Remi Moses went all out A-list style for his film premiere with four films back to back, after announcingCarouselwas the next project given an exclusive view to a sold out 600 audience. The first 300 tickets got sold out quickly and therefore Remi was kind enough to add an extra 300 tickets. Most major film directors would never sell extra tickets for their premieres…this is a clear sign of amazing things too come

Setting the standard of the big league, there was a red carpet…literally.

Blame The Consumer Film Premiere

The cast from these four films were all dressed up, with even support from surprising faces such as Youtube comedian sensation Tom Moutchi there…not to mention Nathan Hector (who’ll catch alongside Tola Teriba in “Brothers in Suits” next year) and Niall O’Mara (whom many would remember from the anti-bullying short film Will You Kill Me Now). The actor gave some credit to Jordan Bolger who’s reprising his role in BBC3’s hit television show “Peaky Blinders”  as well upcoming films “Don’t Knock  Twice” and “A Boys Guide to Rape”. 

Nathan Hector, Niall O'Mara, Tola Teriba & Leo Watson-Roberts

Nathan Hector & Tola Teriba

Will Wilkins (from “Crooked Frame”) is currently working on a new project with Moses.

Will Wilkins

Leading the night away was “Carousel”, a teleporting thriller that was shot all on IPHONE.

Actress Lydea Perkins and newcomer Blair Gyabaar gave an amazing role of a twist-and-turn relationship. Set in a hallucination dream.

Then came gritty drama “Baddies”, where we learn that there’s rules to being a bad girl. When you turn bad, you’re hooked to the streets for life.

Yana Penrose gave an impressive performance about a good girl, who was at first a faker and then became a baddie. However, don’t get that fooled with reality, as she is one of the most loveliest girls with her natural voluminous hair.

Yana Penrose

Elijah Baker has been busy with the launch of his new production company as well as finished recording Kojo’s film The Weekend(alongside fellow actor Johann Johnson from “Sapiens’ ). He played an epic role of a deaf person in “Signs Of Silence” about a introvert teen with a disability; inspired by a real life trailblazer Laura who contributed to the sign language of the film. Remi’s goal of the movie was to “create a sense of awareness of disabled people and let people know that they’re just as human as the rest of us“.

Elijah Baker

With America re-launching the new generation of hit sci-fi drama “Heroes”, Remi Moses plans to grasp the comic-con supernatural phenomenon with his most covered film that was saved for last…

…you’ve guessed it, we are talking about theSapiens“.

Just like comic books, each of the characters have a monologue dialogue that relates to this generation: love, religion, career etc., sending a message to a older generation that they’re passionate, drilled and ready to take the world – even if it means starting from scratch. In other words, this isn’t your average DC/Marvel copy, but a gritty yet emotional masterpiece that is following likes of “Seventeen” by Angelica Louise.

For a low budget film, that quality of graphics  encapsulates the origins of the super sapien squad that have a friendship bond stronger than blood. Remi has big prospects for the project; as he’s planning a webseries, with six episodes already scripted and ready to be produced. Not to mention hunting for budding and aspiring writers to get on board!

Pssst…if you want to get involved with script screenwriting, follow him @RMMosesUK.

R.M Moses is on the role. If you thought this would be his last red-carpet event, you would be a fool to bet on such. The movie mogul in the making has three new films & a webseries already written. You can bet NWD will be there all the way support our friend the ever uber talent REMI M MOSES all the way.



  1. […] Elijah Baker won the  Best Emerging Male Actor for his epic role in R.M Moses' film 'Signs of Sile… We couldn't be happier for the resilient actor, who's produced and created his own comedy sketch this year with SBTV. Another big win was the indie film 'The Intent', co-directed by Femi Oyeniran and Kalvadour Petersen. It's Britain's first independent gritty urban film that had 100% homegrown talent; from the soundtrack produced for the film to the actors themselves. […]


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