Blue Lab Beats delivers more of their soul spirit featuring the two people that they know.

The duo dive into more of their future funk with vocoder vocals coming from Daniel Taylor and Othasoul delivering with some bars against this groovy Hip Hop jam. ‘Dome’ comes alongside the accompanied ‘Pineapple’ – another track that was released at the same time. Both are in celebration with the official announcement of the duo album entitled Xover’ The tracklist is impressive with features coming from the likes of Ruby Francis, Kaidi Akinnibi, Moses Boyd, NiCe & Femi Koleoso and Melo-Zed just to name a few. Single ‘Sam Cooke & Marvin Gaye‘ with Tiana Major9 and Kodjey Radical are on the official tracklist as well as their first debut “Blue Skies”. ‘Xover’ promises to be special and something aiding towards the next phrase of R&B and Hip Hop. With NK-OK and Mr. DM’s extraordinary creativity and instrumentalism ‘Xover’ is destined to be more than just the status quo, but the aide of the continuation of ‘good music’ from one the world’s greatest innovators.



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