Tom Dunham is working on his first ever film called ‘Bluff’.

Although we may have no idea as to what the film’s synopsis, the film does has an authentic feel that is set in the working class East side of London; judging by the images tweeted on social media.

Many favourites are in the film that you already know about, such as Nathan Hector, Tola Teriba, Elijah Baker and Craig Middleburg. All of whom have seen progression to stardom with every film and webseries.

Scott Wickes recently had a featured role in the hit soap series ‘Eastenders‘, and has appeared in movies such as ‘Environmental Products’, ‘Turnout’ and ‘Blood Diamond’. 

Steven Bartle will be starring in his own film ‘Recoil’ as well as ‘God Save The King’. He has appeared in the E! spin-off show ‘The Royals’ alongside Liz Hurley and has been heavily recognised in the independent film game.

Even though there’s no trailer as of such yet, an official film poster has been released.


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