Ashley Walters has made the transition from an artist to an actor in recent years. Securing roles across film and television shows like ‘Cuff’, ‘Montana’, ‘Bullet Boy’, ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’, ‘Silent Witness’ and ‘Outcasts’. He even dropped some impressive treasure about the film and television industry at the last Yours Cinema event…

Ahead of the BUFF Awards, BUFF (British Urban Film Festival) has announced that the actor will be honoured at this year’s awards.

ASHLEY WALTERS IS 2017’s BUFF HONOREE, and sits next to Wil Johnson and Richard Pryor for their massive contribution to the British arts industry. Unknown to many, Walters had a huge head start as a childhood actor in ‘The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles ‘, where he starred as Omar. He then went on to be in hit-teen show ‘Grange Hill’ at the age 14.  He’s appeared in Nao’s music video ‘Fools To Love’ with his big break in Channel 4 series ‘Top Boy’, which has announced its resurrection this year.

“To receive this special honorary award from BUFF means a lot to me. In such a competitive profession, sometimes you look forward so much you forget what you have left behind. This is a welcome reminder. I would also like to say that I share this with my peers and supporters. Without them I wouldn’t be doing what I love. Thank you BUFF!”. – Ashley Walters

Away from the silver screen, Walters also has a strong portfolio of stage play performances. These include ‘Off The Endz’ (Bola Abaje), ‘Oxford Street’ (Levl David Addai) and ‘Sing Yer Heart Out For the Lads’ (Roy Williams). He has inspired a vast number of young British hopefuls because of his unconventional approach of entering the arts industry. His breakthrough is possible for everyone and it shows to others that in due time, the industry will notice you.

In the words of Ashley Walters – there is amazing talent in the UK.



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