Daniel Alexander gave us the debut of ‘DoubleGlazedGazeDown‘ and has officially unveiled the completion of his EP ‘Unfree’.

The Brenton multi-instrumentalist delivers s 5 track-EP that breaks the sound of pop straight into pieces. Following the debut single, ‘DoubleGlazeGazeDown’ is tender ‘The Gulf’, which has received support from The Metro and the Independent. ‘The Gulf’ is the second track on the EP that has an alternative bend to rock, with the simple beat. Newly released from the EP is ‘Separatehood’, which the track is accompanied by a visual that focuses on the controversial topic of religion. It’s a dark, yet gripped with a mix of alternative R&B and rock smash together. The music video is edited and directed by Daniel Alexander himself, and the track is a brilliant art that deals with ‘the results of our debilitating individualism on a daily basis.” The track gradually transcends with more influence from IDM, especially towards the closing, spiking a chord in your mind about the lyrical politics that Daniel Alexander sings about.

Closing track ‘The Moments U Had But Were Never At’ focuses on civil rights; consisting a sample audio of a crowd at s Black Lives Matter Rally. The track was premiered on Zane Lowe’s radio show and has received support across the blogosphere.

Daniel Alexander has already set himself ahead for 2018, as he has some exclusive dates across Europe. He’ll be performing at the Moth Club London on the 2nd, and will be supporting the likes of Local Natives’ Kelcey Ayer in wake of his solo project ‘Jaws of Love.


  1. […] It’s the third release from his newly EP ‘Unfree’ It’s raw; displaying Alexander’s interest in producing social realism. There’s been no deny that for a couple of years, we’ve been experiencing hostility and Alexander delivers on presenting the most honest lyricism on the raw of religion. The track received high praises from The Metro, The 405 and Huw Stephens show via Radio 1, and surprisingly the singer directed it. […]


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