Looks like Hollywood has gone Stephen King crazy as his best selling novel ‘The Dark Tower’ gets the film-adaption treatment.

After the official unleash of the trailer, fans are excited to see what will come of this movie that stars two of the biggest A-listers in the game – Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey.

Elba plays the last Gunslinger Roland Deschain, who defends the mortal world of planet earth from the evil relm of Micahel O’Dim (McConaughey) who seeks to topple The Dark Tower, which is the intermediary that holds the worlds together. It’s been an eternal battle between Deschain and O’Dim. With the world now at stake, the battle of good and evil will collide in the greatest supernatural battle that’ll determine who will rise and who will fall.

This film is parallel from the current reboot of classic horror ‘IT’ by King, which follows a group of young children who get horrified by a clown demon whom terrorises a community every 27 years. Now that’s getting a US release date of September 8th. 

US date for ‘The Dark Tower’ is August 18th.



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