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Here we have a brand-new entry from South London’s alternative hip-hop artist Deoba, who below shares his debut project titled Chillogy.


Starting his journey as part of new school afrobeats duo Tribeqa, Deoba decided to venture out on his own. Reinventing his artistry by embracing his hip-hop influences. We get to see a lot of his influences and artistry throughout his debut six-track EP.

Deoba uses his Chillogy to showcase his storytelling skills as he tells the story of a relationship between Melo and Nicole (two fictional characters), taking the listener through some very relatable scenarios starting with the opening track Chillogy which puts forward the storyline before taking us to the meeting point What’s Up which highlights when the characters met for the first time. What’s up displays Deoba’s ability as a songwriter as he cleverly describes Nicole’s character.

Chillogy contains production credit from the likes of Chris Calor (Sensei), Egyptian Art (Who sampled Abhi/Dijon (Honest) track on ‘Whats Up’, Mecca:83, Kloud Beats, Tiggi and Mantra. Deobra really wanted to shine light on his ability as a songwriter have written all the tracks with contributions from Mia Noor and opting for one feature from no other than Toronto-based singer/rapper Culture ’95 who delivers a very captivating hook on Henny and Chill (according to Deoba the visuals for this track is set to drop next month). This is a very nostalgic track with samples from Jon B’s – Calling on you.

From Trapped Magazine

The South London artist aims “To create a world where listeners understand the everything of words” that’s exactly what Deoba has achieved with his debut EP Chillogy which is available to stream above.


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