James Smith releases the teaser for his thriller feature film ‘Do Something, Jake’. It has Mia Mills (‘Countenance’, ‘The Working Girl’) starring alongside actors Tom Loone and Ed Bergtold.

Could an unemployed illiterate introvert be able to save a damsel in distress?…

‘Do, Something Jake’ has placed a different type of protagonist that differentiates from the stereotypical strong-positive hero. From the teaser, we get an idea of how Jake is perceived by people in comparison to who he really is behind close doors. Working with James Smith is prolific film producer and screenwriter Caroline Spence, who has collaborated with Smith in the past for his short ‘A Real Peach’ in 2016.  Both Smith and Spence have secured their collaboration for next film ‘Agent Kelly’, and are currently in the early stages of filming.

Jamie Alderson was in Aneil Karia‘s  ‘Work’ alongside Taurean Steele and has also starred in ‘Beat’ and ‘Toothbrush’. 

‘Do, Something Jake’ is produced under Raya Films and will be released this year.



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