The young budding filmmaker Alpha Olaniran is making his first impressive debut with his new movie 'Eyana: The Secret Untold'.

Olaniran places the emphasis on the importance of truth in family values against the film's thrilling plot. It stars Talitha Lindo ('Dear Jesus', 'Liar', 'Man Down) who plays the lead of Eyana in this film. Sarah Alayande plays the childhood Eyana whilst Armani Davis Eyana in her teenage years.

Olaniran speaks on the reason that he executed the film, as he states:

“Growing up, especially in South London, I had friends who were into all sorts of dubious things and when I asked them WHY? WHAT?? WHEN???...They turn around and say to me, I’ve never had a father figure in my life or I don’t even know who my biological father is.”

Having getting recognition from the Mayor of Merton, the film leads on the central theme of family. Other new names that are also in this short debut are Khafi Kareem, Chae-Jamal and Shola Iseghohimen. Despite the gripping piece, young filmmaker (Olaniran) reassures that the film contains a 'heartwarming story that every single person can relate to.'  Viewers will follow Eyana's journey following the shocking revelation and the obstacles she encounters before finally having peace with herself.

The short film will be having its premiere on the 14th September at the Ritzy Brixton.



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