Taken from his debut album El Clasico, which by the way is an absolute classic – Fekky has released the brand new video for Cappin’ On The Net.

You’re probably thinking Cappin On The Net, what on earth does that mean? Yeah, me too. Cappin On The Net basically means talking rubbish on the internet, and we all know that a lot of people are guilty of doing so (#NoShade). The track is about what Fekky see’s in today’s world as a result of the huge rise and influence of social media. He feels although everyone always has something to say, and more times that not it is too much. Cappin On The Net is his way of cutting through the noise and expressing his opinions on this topic.

After a month of blessing our ears, the highly anticipated Debut Album El Clasico has had huge success. But, Fekky isn’t stopping there as he has just released the brand new visuals vid The Fader. This one is for the hip-hop fans.

Fekky is a highly appreciated and celebrated name within the music industry, as his previous singles such as Mad Ting Sad Ting, Too Much and Sittin Here have reached iconic status’ within the scene.


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