Female directing duo XIPHI direct the latest music video from Foreign Beggars that tackles empowerment.

This isn’t your average music video that sees women being the source of love. Instead, the women in the video are depicting strong female characters who are ready to take over the world and make it a place of freedom.

” I wanted to have the girls in the background as the strong characters in the story, flipping the usual girl in rap video concept on its head.” – Melody Maker

Also in the video is Marcello Spooks, who’s among the long list of featured artists on the forthcoming album ‘2 2 Karma’, alongside Kate Tempest, Izzie Gibbs, Dizmack and Black Josh. The visuals to the music video are opulent, as it was set in a very decorative hotel. It follows the similar script seen with Charli XCX ‘Boys’ by tackling the viewers’ perception of women. Not only does it tackle on other credibilities besides the physical, but it also on about a woman’s undeniable strength.

Prior to their album being released on the 9th of February next year, the group will be holding their anticipated tour from the 1st-29th of this month.



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