Being a mum is an occupation on its own, and these four mums decide to know each other better in this comedy written by Julie Rudd ('Niagara, Niagara', 'Men In Black').

When 4 moms who's children all go to the same Pre-School decided to get to know each other better through a mom-only-dinner date. The supposedly carefree evening quickly turns into the best night of these moms lives, think Karaoke + Alcohol + cute bartenders and you have all the ingredients for amazing children free one night only amazing time out. These portions also fulfil the mother's goal to get to know each other better, realising the many different common grounds they have other than their children and men.

Maroon 5's Adam Levine is also in this movie, alongside the star-studded cast. With the recent 'Girls Trip' reaching big numbers in the box office, 'Fun Mom Dinner' is set to be placed alongside other chick flicks made in Hollywood.

UK release date is the 7th August.


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