As part of the annual event, MIA’s cultural and musical influences have come together. The festival takes place from the 9th until the 18th June and features one-off gigs, outdoor parties and talks. The previous Meltdown Festival curators have included the likes of David Bowie, David Byrne and Morrissey. On Monday night, Nadia Rose, A2, Rude Kid, Lisa Mercedez and Giggs blessed the Royal Festival Hall with a night of grime, rap and trap influences.

As Lisa Mercedez performed to an almost empty venue, it seemed as though people were only interested in Giggs performance as they arrived just minutes before his entrance. Although, the small crowd seemed very much energetic as Rude Kid came on stage to perform bangers along the line of Did You See, Robbery and Bad and Boujee. As well as giving Nadia Rose a welcoming reception as she gave an energetic set full of dancehall vibes.

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From his earlier music including Talkin Da Hardest and Look What The Cat Dragged In, to songs from his most recent album, Landlord including Whippin’ Excursion and Lock Doh, the crowd were most obviously dedicated fans from the beginning. Mid-set, Giggs mistakenly gave false hope as he announced that a guest from Toronto was joining him on stage. Sadly it wasn’t Drake. However, it was Pressa who joined Giggs to perform his latest track, Sexy.

The full set only lasted around forty minutes, but Giggs put on an amazing show regardless. He performed every song that you could imagine to get the crowd hyped, and that’s all that we can ask for.

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