You heard the buzz right? Kojo Anim has released his trailers for both his short projects ‘Girls’ and ‘Boys’.

However, the mind behind ‘The Weekend’ has cunningly played on the titles that go with these trailers.

Both deal with various conversations that occur when dealing with the opposite sex. The cutting editing with the music for these trailers can easily depict them as your modern day music video.

‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’ star the best of the upcoming and emerging actors that we recognise alongside new faces that we’re excited to discover.

For the girls, we have the likes of Kamara Bacchus, Lauren CatoAlesha Pryce, Joelah Noble and Lauren Dalton; as well as Tayler Neilson, Georgia Webb, Destinee Anthony, Krystine Atti, Jourdan Riane, Ajoa Andoh and Marsha Leanne Crosby. Then for the boys, it’s Cadet, Kayode Akinyemi, Tola Teriba, Islah Abdur-Rahman, Remel Conway, Nathan Smith, Oliver Findlay, Darryl Daniel, Sanchez Brown, Idris Debrand and Fabrizio Santino.

Again, we notice that Nicholette Quartey and Isabella Johnson-Ewers are credited for the ‘Girls’ trailer whilst Isaac Sosonya and Alexander Theo are credited ‘Boys’. What does it mean? We’re not sure. Find out at the official premiere of ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’ at the TCN headquarters. Tickets are available to purchase here. 



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