Goldsmoke produces a future soul track called ‘Like This’, it seems that they’ve taken a little dive into the books of soul greatness of legends before setting their trademark with their futuristic soul.

This is their second single from ‘Where Do We Go’, which has a dive into the books of Earth, Wind & Fire.  Resuming back to ‘Like This’ Goldsmoke has impressed us with their piano synths and electric guitar sequence, which appears at the opening of the song. Perhaps it can have an element of eighties’ soul with the strength of the instruments making this more of a ballad brought to life again in the new era of the millennia. The brotherly duo, who are situated in North London have gradually made a start on their musical journey. They were discovered on Pak Lot’s weekly playlist via Spotify. Their first release ‘Where Do We Go’ earned 30k streams.

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