JVCK James returns with this heavily R&B smoothie featuring Jada Maria and saxophonist Venna.

It’s sleek and hypnotic with a feel of jazz and the R&B feels that we get listening to Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko. However, this track is UK produced and bred, showing off once again JVCK James vocals and talking about ‘outsmarting anyone or anything that threatens your values, morals or self-worth.” ‘Easy’ came about during ‘overheard’ conversation on a lunch break during college. JVCK James continues saying that the conversation ‘…immediately triggered my thoughts and got my pen going!’  

Jada Maria and Venna are two of the singer’s close friends, which he called to ‘…sprinkle their dust on the record.’  Their sprinkle on this track has pushed ‘Easy’ to become one of hottest underground R&B jams of the year.  

Let’s see how many replays this track will get. As his previous release ‘House Is Not A Home.’ amassed 40K streams. He was on Berlin’s Colors show to perform ‘Extroverted Lovers’.



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