2017 GRM Get Rated Winner Lady Sanity continues to follow the likes of Lotto Boyz by placing Birmingham on the map. However, despite the increase in exposure for her craft, the singer isn’t going to change her style and personality for nobody and her single ‘Role Models’ exposes the pressures that females (whether rapper or singer) go through when working in the industry.

The Birmingham singer takes a dive into the current Trap sound to deliver the message about the hidden pressures in becoming a role-model in the way that the business wants, making the message clear that “…everything that glitters isn’t golden.”¬†The instrumentals have a strong gritty grime influence as she begins to heighten her lyrical delivery and poetic reflexes. This girl is not playing and has already stated who she is and what she’s about.

Lady Sanity has already been putting in that work way before her GRM Daily Rated Win. She’s already¬†released her first EP ‘Summer in September’, meaning that her new EP ‘For Figures’ will be the second under her belt.


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