FIRST LOOK: ‘Last Leg’ – Lasharne Anderson, Ruel Rowe, Laura Robins & Luke King

Lasharne Anderson,  who’s also stars in coming-of-age teen film ‘Bloom’ gets her first solo role in this motivational film about an aspiring teen swimmer with winning goals in the midst of domestic abuse.

With her father’s control over her world, her passion for swimming is attacked by struggles to pursue it. Especially with a school competition coming up…

The film was selected at BFI Future Film Festival – Chop, Chop Event and Human Condition Programme. This is a perfect film that pays homage to resilient youths who despite experiencing abuse, are fighters who come out on top.  It was only last year that  America saw its first Black swimmer to win a gold at the Olympics, and we can’t forget the Jamaican swimming athlete too. Therefore we praise  director and writer of the Ella Bennett for spontaneously being ahead of time.

Similarly with ‘Lane’, there’s beautiful underwater cinematography; thanks to Chris Broomfield, Focus Puller and Yannick Hausler. Other crew members include Siona Davis, Michael Davis, Jake Bryson and  Aaron Rogers.

After winning the Latimer Award on the festival circuit, ‘Last Leg’ will now be released online.

*WARNING* There are scenes of violence in this film.

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