Here is something extraordinary from musician Michael Jablonka, the guitar medley single titled ‘I Found You’ will bring joy to your ears.

Never would I’ve imaged that I would be taken away by beautiful guitar riffs until ‘I Found You’ the beautiful indie record from Michael Jablonka is one of the first tracks Michael wrote as a solo artist.

Having lent his talent to the likes of Charlie Brown, Stooshe, Shakka and Delta Maid, the North-London and Brit-soul musician Michael Jablonka is ready to shine on his own. Gifted with amazing guitar skills, the 27-year-old musician is set to give us his very own 21st-century take on bluesy alt-funk and soulful indie-rock. As listeners, we are in for a treat.

After the release of ‘Peacefully’, I Found You is a tremendous and sonic nourishment piece for the soul – have we discovered the next Kravitz or Jimi Hendrix (If we are to go the extra mile)? Listen to yourself and let us know you.


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