Need a little of 80’s pop to perk up your day? Well, Scotland’s Michael Oakley has the perfect song set to be on rotation.

‘Turn Back Time’, is an 80’s synth-pop record that’s about a loss of a relationship. Hailing his older sister to indirectly develop his love for all things 1980s, Oakley has been heavily developing his ‘California’ EP. After unfortunate events in his personal life, Oakley decided to place his emotions to his work. He reached out to The New Divisions’ John Glenn Kunkel, showing appreciation of his work. The two developed a mutual friendship and later, Oakley decided to take a 6,000-mile journey to the States to finish the EP with Kunkel.

‘Turn Back Time’ is atmospheric; part of an EP that shows Oakley emotional journey of endurance of heartbreak before finally rediscovering how it is to love again.

“The EP reflects his emotional journey over the course of a year, enduring heart ache and rediscovering what it feels to love again.”

Describing his EP as “melancholic postcards from the heart wrapped up in synthesisers and drum machines”, ‘California’ brings back one of decades significant to British history and popular culture.


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