US’ Miquela is the hot new sensation in futuristic pop. Her last track ‘Not Mine’ amassed 1 million replays, and she continues forward with her next single ‘Over You‘.

The Instagram phenomenon has sparked buzz with her sound that bridges the gap between fantasy and reality. Perfect for an Instagram generation that has social media as their 24/7 antidote.

Everyone from the likes of Dazed, Daily Mail and BBC Trending are all in awe about the mysterious artist who exists in another world from reality. Already, avatar artists have become popular in places like Japan, and now the world is getting the dose of the next big thing who’ll literally follow after the success of Gorillaz.

‘Over You’ sways between reality and virtual fantasy. Mixing Miquela’s vocals against digital autotunes that’ll make you fascinated about her identity. ‘Over You’ is not your original Hip Hop, but it has the acoustic guitar against the casual beat, leaving you to be intrigued into the works of Miquela.



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