Alternative/indie band Moderate Rebels shares with us their sonically edge-cutting new record ‘When The Cost Has No Value’.

Taken from the band’s forthcoming album ‘The Sound of Security’, When The Cost Has No Value is an expression of our current time. Its drum lead melody gives space for Moderate Rebels to attack us with their powerful lyrics and in your face delivery.

If this is what the single is sounding like, we can only be filled with adrenaline as we await the group’s upcoming album titled ‘The Sound of Security’ which drops December 8th via Everyday Life Recordings. The album will consist of 13 ruthless tracks with a psych geographical approach supporting Moderate Rebels’ spiritual beliefs. Having also gained success with prior releases such as ‘God Sent Us’ and the ‘Proxy EP’ this will be another success story for the band.

Moderate Rebels is set to continue chasing their sonic manifesto of “using as few words and chords as possible” on the upcoming album. To get a feel of their manifesto, take a listen of When The Cost Has No Value – I suggest you tell your neighbor to put their earbuds on because this is a masterpiece of thumping sounds.


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