DANK is the new offering from East London aspiring Grime Artist Ranger.

 Ranger delivers a captivating hook as he hypnotises listeners with a sedative instrumental. Dank is an ode to the Cannabis culture within the UK and has the potential of becoming the leading soundtrack to this ever-growing movement.

For those of you who are unaware of the East London grime artist, let me enlighten you, Ranger is no newcomer, he has been making active contributions to the culture. Some may know him by one of his aliases Spliffy Ranger, Mr Ranger or Ringo Ranger these are all reflections of his personality. Ranger has shared the stage with the likes of Chipmunk, Big Nartie, D Double E, and Wiley.

With the release of Dank, Ranger has been on the demand for many radio show appearances across the U.K. Ranger’s hard-hitting and gritty approach makes him a tough contestant, we have a lot to look forward to from the aspiring artist especially his upcoming project – so keep an eye out!

In the meantime, sit back and zone out to Ranger’s latest offering Dank.


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