At just the tender age of 19, Nicholas Connor is becoming an award winning acclaimed filmmaker and his short film ‘Northern Lights’ shows his poignant yet breathtaking approach to film.

Watching the trailer, shows Nick Connor ability to capture human emotions  in a crisp, clear production. He follows the likes of Ken Loach, who’s bringing British Cinema of social realism in a more beautiful form that makes his films not only a potential award-winning piece, but also touching that you can’t help but shed a tear of happiness. It follows the likes ofBloom’ where the plight of being a teenager gets captured in the most realist way possible without exaggeration.

‘Northern Lights’ to date has earned the director two awards, including Best Score at the Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards. Rhys Cadman, is a familiar face who has appeared in shows such as ‘Shameless’, ‘Appropriate Adult’ and hit show ‘Coronation Street’. He stars alongside protagonist  (acted by Katie Quinn) as the boyfriend. This is a third debut from Connor, who’s seen the success of his film ‘Think of Me’  last year.  Mark Quinn was the Executive Producer, Amy Pfeil was the Editor and Marco Fantion was the Director of Photography.



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