It was a hot minute last Wednesday night, as the Tizzy Gang had and an invite-only listening party for their EP ‘Opps Next Door’.

The rap collective is branching out to talent across the pond, as well as the UK. Merky Ace describes the album as ‘different parts‘, as each track has its own individuality. Exclusive first tracks listen include ‘Niggers’, ‘Drug Food’, ‘How Comes’ and ‘Pay The Bill’.  Merky Ace stated that his favourite track was ‘Niggers’, highlighting the essential ‘vibe’ that the track has about the ends, whereas his fellow member mate Mik has a favouritism for ‘Drug Food.’

‘Opps Next Door’ is the first major release following their individual singles such as ‘Old Roadman Jacket’ and ‘Shekel’. Working with a diverse range of producers and artists both on a local and international scale (such as Cadell and Lewisham’s Vic Santoro) has enabled the group to create a buzz about them being the next big collective to follow Section Boys, 67 and Splurge Boys. The night was crazy as the group were joined by a range of guests to whom have shown their support. These guests were YGG, Manga, Capo Lee and Deamonds.

Y'all where's the energy crew at? @tenletterpr #listeningparty #music #ukmusic

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For one night only, Relentless Records had the Tizzy Gang takeover. The DJs entertained the crowd with an explosion of mixes whilst the audience was refreshed with an abundance of free drinks on behalf of the beverage.

If the listening party is something to come by, then the hype will be an overdrive for their future headline show.

‘Opps Next Door’ is available to purchase from all digital platforms. 


  1. Yeah this was crazy still, have you got any details for the headline show for me please? Wanna go to that definitely.


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