Nathan Bryon (‘Benidorm’, ‘No Filter’ & ‘Leroy’, ) continues to write provocative yet comedic scripts. And right now, he’s officially written and directed a whole webseries dealing with the social media topics that have invaded our mouths of every conversation.

Described as a social commentary, Nathan Bryon features the likes of JPD’s Percelle Ascott (‘Rue Boy’, ‘Deep It’, ‘The Weekend Movie’), Tanya Fear (‘A Moving Image’, ‘Spotless’), Shanika Warren-Markland (‘Gone Too Far’, ‘Brotherhood’) and Benny Sarpong (‘Hayfever’, ‘Adam & Eve’). Comedian Klayze Flaymz returns after the positive response from the first one that dealt with the issue at the Oscars with Alesha Pryce.

The show premieres today via The Voice Magazine with the first episode ‘Yeezy or Neezy.’



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