Royal is an exciting artist who has just released a powerfully strong visual for his latest track ‘Power’.

This new single acts as a new chapter for the London rapper, we see a confident Royal channeling his talent over an upbeat instrumental contrasted with Royal’s baritone vocals which make him stand out.

Speaking of ‘Power’, Royal describes it as a monument of realizing that you have the Power to change the world around you, RIGHT NOW! Having had his own shares of hardship and success, Royal is in a right place to channel his thoughts. This self-encouraging theme stems from Royal’s previous release ‘Bring Me Down’ which was also a single championing self-empowerment. What a great way to end the year with some positive vibrations. This uplifting message should be carried on into the new year.

Listen to ‘Power’ above and let this fuel the confidence inside you to get up and feel invincible to changing your world.




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