After receiving a whirlwind of acclamation at Sundance, ‘Sleight’ get its official national release.

Director J.D Dillard brings the fascination of powers to a new modern society.  As ‘Sleight’ follows the life of an unsung hero, who becomes the breadwinner for his sister after their mother’s passing. Illegal activity with drugs dealing within the Los Angeles scene becomes the only option for the young magician, and it only when his sister gets kidnapped that he becomes the saviour of the day.

Jacob Latimore, who was previously known for his appearances in ‘Maze Runner’‘Ride Along’,  and the voice of Bilal in ‘Bilal: A New Breed of Hero’ gets a leading acting role as the protagonist.  Seychelle Gabriel also gets a major leading role since her recurring role on television show ‘The Legend of Korra’, and Dule Hill continues to be a familiar face on show ‘Ballers’, whilst currently filming upcoming television series ‘Doubt’.

‘Sleight’ has a USA release date of the 28th April 2017.



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