If you thought that Americans were the ones only obsessed with sneakers/trainers…think again.

Whether you were hip hop fanatic or a rock lover, what you wear on your feet determined whether you had the slickest style.

‘Soleseekers’ is one of the first film documentaries that is going to look at the sneaker culture in the UK, which (by the way) has gradually increased over the past couple of years, gratitude to the rise of music (such as homegrown genre Grime), fashion, sport and art.

More and more are we seeing events such as Sneakerness, brands like  Crep Protect (rain & stain repellent) and platforms such as CrepJunkie become meccas for UK sneaker culture, and this documentary gets the biggest trainerholic sneakerheads to tell their diverse personal perceptive on the history of the phenomenon.

‘Soleseekers’ is produced by Socialise Media, with the official premiere taking place at the Brixton Ritzy on the 23rd of March. The night will be enriched with an Q&A from Emil from Socialize, Robert Brooks, Franklin Boateng (King of Trainers) and Chris Chang (Word on The Feet).

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