There are huge screams in people minds for Jake Gyllenhaal to win an Oscar - or at least get nominated for his epic performance as Jeff Bauman in 'Stronger'.


There's not much to say about this brilliant real-life story who had Bauman's strength to overcome the tragic changes in his own life. It has an award winning cast aiming to deliver, and a touching storyline that'll leave many inspired and close to tears of happiness. It also sheds light to human vulnerability and depression, but with the right people, humans can crush any demon to annulment.

Of course, an award winning cast can't be without epic writer John Pollono, ('This Is Us' and 'Mob City') and David Gordon Green ('Eastbound & Down', 'Red Oaks'). With these two credited as the crew, we're sure that people will flock to see this film. Just be sure to take a couple of tissues with you.


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