Thursday, October 18, 2018
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Reality 2.0 – Racist Porn

The title is self-explanatory.

Reality 2.0 – Booty Tickle

Things get explicit about the low-down of the Booty Tickle. With guest stars Alesha Charmaine and David Ajao.

Reality 2.0 – Reparations

Sam Benjamin stars in the new episode that deals with the most political topics. Whilst watching this just remember that Rihanna song about '*Beep*  better...

Reality 2.0 – Grenfell

Grenfell is one of the most tragic moments in 2017, as it brought out a lot of hidden layers about our world and the...

Reality 2.0 – Don’t Touch The Fro

'Don't Touch My Hair' - Solange Knowles

Reality 2.0 – Cat Calling

Nathan Bryon's hit comical commentary show 'Reality' returns with the first episode dealing with cat-calling and sexual harassment. Starring Tanya Fear and Karl Queensborough...

#Reality: A Social Commentary 2.0 – Highlights

The webseries by Nathan Bryon has proven to be a hit and a potential contender in the world of entertainment. Brilliantly mixing humour and...

IARA 2017 – Best Webseries

Guys! It's the final category before the official IARA Awards this Saturday. Before we close our roundup, we have one more category to talk about,...

Reality – A Social Commentary: Don’t Be A D*ck

This episode goes rather graphic to the male's self-esteem. Is masculinity determined by the size of what's between the legs? Should it even matter? In...

Reality – The Social Commentary: Carnival

London Hughes guest stars with Nathan Byron and Klayze Flaymz in this episode of commenting Britain's biggest carnivals - and the common negative coverage about...

Reality – The Social Commentary: Yeezy or Neezy

Episode one stars Benny Sarpong and Tanya Fear in this new piece of work from Nathan Bryon.  

COMING SOON: “Leroy” – Nathan Bryon

Nathan Bryon ("Bossman", "Benidorm", "No Filter") stars in a Hazey Jane Film Production project called "Leroy",  an oddball comedy  about growing up in a...