Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Educating Divine – Ye Pa!

Both of David's parents foretell their experiences with Divine as she arrives in London. EducatingDivine @EducatingDivine Educating Divine @educatingdivine  

FIRST LOOK: Brenda: The Alternative Steward – Hephzibah Roe & Ross Virgo

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Brenda. 'Who is Brenda?' you might be asking. Well, Brenda is a woman in London whose job is stewarding. However, what...

FIRST LOOK: ‘AOP VS The World’ – Harriet Smithers, Esmonde Cole, Lucinda Davidson, Melanie...

You may not have heard about Jenkinson Denzel Southern last year, but in 2018 you'll about to hear more about the budding filmmaker as...

Educating Divine – Meet David and Divine

Meet the David and Divine Ogundola -a traditional couple from two different worlds. EducatingDivine @EducatingDivine Educating Divine @educatingdivine  

House Party – We’re Not Friends

What HAPPENED?!!! The last of the mini-series ll #HousePartyUK

FIRST LOOK: ‘Educating Divine’ – Chiedu Agborh, Eavie Songbird, Micah Hennessy & Unati Lewis-Nyawo

'Educating Divine' is setting the notion of the British fresh chapter of Nollywood, as affluent bachelor David Ogundola opts for an African village girl Divine...

Classified Freaks – Trust Your Instincts

Sarah finds out that her parents were not as average as she thought they were. More action from the superhero webseries. Plus there's good news...

House Party – Keyrings & Pens

Ben whistleblows a devastating secret to Derrick about Lola, and this is where things get a little juicy... The Bridge Media #HousePartyUK

House Party – Let’s Talk About This

The case continues, and we begin to know more about Malachi who juggled time with everyone whilst having secret bones in his closet. The Bridge...

Classified Freaks – Fear Of The Unknown

The Agents are hunting the undiscovered superheroes among the population. Two cilivilans are confused with their super abilities and are vulnerable as to whom...

Brenda: The Alternative Steward – Brenda Gets A Rival

Move over Brenda - there's a new steward in town.

House Party – Happy New Year?

A group of friends are all suspects and are taken to the interrogation room for questioning. Love shows such as 'Scandal' or 'How To Get...

*EXCLUSIVE PEEK* House Party – Chae-Jamal McFarlane, Derek Oppong, Sharon Oji & Emmanuel Okeowo

'House Party' is one best-kept secrets by Bridge Media that has just been released for your viewing pleasure. The private screening yesterday was a...

FIRST LOOK: ‘Classified Freaks’ – Shuhel Ahmed, Carmen Rain Lykoo, Sam Pola & Ben...

We start the year with another new wave of webshows made in the UK. Coinciding with 'The Art of People' is new show 'Classified Freaks' that...

FIRST LOOK: ‘House Party’ – Chae-Jamal McFarlane, Derek Oppong, Sharon Oji & Emmanuel Okeowo

Bridge drift away from his romantic comedy 'Handled With Care' to present 'House Party' is a four-part mini-series surrounding what should have been the best...