Swiss-Indian singer, Ta’Shan has released the visuals for her new track, ‘High’. The track is packed with multicultural spice and flavour as Indian culture meets R&B with a little bit of trap. Ta’Shan herself coined the term RnTrap with a hint of India to describe her sound.

The singer, who grew up in Switzerland but now resides in London, holds many talents. From her flawless vocals, meaningful lyrics and all the way through to her striking looks, Ta’Shan strives foe perfection in all that she takes on. Ta’Shan is fluent in three languages, she has studied at the renowned Conservatory of Music in Switzerland and will go on to study at the British & Irish Modern Music Institute. All her experiences have very much opened her eyes to the globe as she takes influences for her music.

At only the beginning of her musical career, the young artist has already built up an impressive fanbase as well as a huge Instagram following of 30,000. The following has come from previous releases such as We Get It and Remember, as well as #BombayMami, a brand which encompasses the curves, class and sass of the finest and realest London ladies.

She has also opened shows in Switzerland for artists such as Ryan Leslie, Sean Paul and Lil John, regularly fly’s to the States to work with her numerous contacts whilst making herself known in the UK. Ta’Shan’s non-stop work ethic and determination has seen her work with notable producers including Zede and New Gen as well as tracks in the pipeline with Don-E and TE-Dness.


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