More details in regards to Britain’s first gritty superhero miniseries that follows the success of Channel 4’s ‘Misfits’. 

The sci-fi superhero thriller by Sam Benjamin and Praxima Productions is set to be release their first episode on the 2nd February!

It’s the perfect combination of bringing the mutant powers seen in the superhero of DC & Marvel Comics and the British culture in terms of politics and current affairs at a balance. This is the first time that a diverse cast of a Black Prime Minister and strong female leads are embodied to fully represent the state of London. Kyla Frye was the leading actress in ‘Double Cross’ alongside Benjamin gets a lead role. Vincent Jerome, who has appeared in ‘Three Kinds of Stupid’ and ‘Devils in the Details’ also gets a leading role as the British army vet Christian Davis. Sam Benjamin also makes a recurring role in the show as damaged former cop, Steve Douglas.

Christian Davis  (Jerome) and Anna Garland (Rachael Holoway) agree after a failed pharmaceutical trial dictate that the UK is divided and a failed society, and decide to build a new one. Their acquired superpowers enables them to commit acts of terrorism in order to create the new world, but that doesn’t come with intruders, as Steve Douglas (Benjamin) is the first who finds out about their plan and  sets his mission to counteract it. However, before he does, he needs to find Jamie Scott (Fyre).

The battle between the human spirit and the superpowers IS ON. Watch the first episode LIVE on both Youtube and the Official ‘The Few’ Facebook Page THIS THURSDAY at 9pm GMT. A new 5 minute episode will run every six weeks until the 5th March. 


  1. […] Praxima Productions, who’s also filmed new sci-fi ‘The Few’, will be filming this dark action film. It has the likes of Kyla Frye (‘Double Cross’), Jordan Pitt, Michael Peavoy, Allyson Ava Brown, Hugo Danino, Noah Maxwell-Clarke, Fleur Keith, Helen Batchelor, Emil Martirossian and Steve Pinto. You can also spot Mark J. Rigby bringing the full man-power in this cast line up too. […]


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