In the past, we have covered a host of sci-fi films such as ‘Sapiens , ‘City of Hearts , ‘Sleigh & ‘Seventeen‘. Now actor Sam Benjamin and Sam Bradford embark on joining the superhero phenomenon with Britain’s new generation of beings in upcoming sci-fi webseries “The Few”.

Britain might have a love for sci-fi shows such as ‘Misfits’ ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Red Dwarf’, but ‘The Few’ aims to have its storylines to parallel the current issues that are affecting our society (such as the post-Brexit).

Don’t feel all doom or gloomy folks, because you get to see a full blast of diversity, with the women cast to play strong lead roles – including being the first British Female Prime Minister. Many of you would feel a sense of comparing the show to the US’ DC & Marvel counterparts such as ‘Supergirl’, ‘Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D‘, ‘Smallville’ and the recent Netflix smash ‘Luke Cage,  but ‘The Few’ encapsulates the idea of a modern day British superhero influenced by the iconic stories displayed in the comics.

The only difference is that the sci-fi will be the first to have a gender-balance cast of diversity and a synopsis that’ll set the show to be more grit than kitsch.

PLEASE NOTE. We don’t know nothing as of yet! But if you want to keep updated with the progress, why not follow the official Twitter account of ‘The Few

Watch for the show; coming soon in 2017.


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