After seeing a sneak peek of Nosa Eke‘s upcoming webseries ‘The Grind‘, we are DEFINITELY hooked and in belief that this could be her biggest break.

Introducing four creatives Sage, Josh, Avery and Nick. All having split personalities, but together, they’re determined to make their dreams come true in London. What’s better than when you have a direct marriage of ‘Skins’ and…realism? Go through the characters’ social medias, and you’ll get suck into their own stories (which is something that many of us do daily). A clever strategy that Eke implemented (regardless of the fact that there are scripts involved).

We praise the brilliant imagery, editing and cinematography of Miss Eke, who (as a digital storyteller and narrative experience designer under her belt) combines the VPRs with a sense of those teletext nineties graphics (that we once part of any nineties kid childhood with those nineties analogue television sets). This could easily be placed on the Youtube Channels of i-D, Love, Notion and all of the fashion magazines that cater to this  breathe essence of creativity.

Already, the webseries has been screened at the Underwire Film Festival, Digital Creators UK and the East End Film Festival.  Like she stated, the show is bringing both the glitz and grit of the London creative scene, and viewers will get sucked into the lives of these four characters played by a new generation of acting talent.

This is a new webseries that leads from ‘Skins’, with a great integration of social media; targeting the young millenials who always hustling and grinding in a very no-mercy-cut-throat London. Just that, like the young creatives in the show, they’re using their street-smart knowledge to make it to the top.

Keep up with the hustle by subscribing to the show’s official Youtube page. You can also follow them on  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.





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