Graycon was one of the many shorts that saw Duaine Roberts branching out into sci-fi. After chatting with at Catalyst Studios a couple of weeks flashback, the budding Brum filmmaker reveals that he's getting back to basics with his drama shorts.

Finally, he reveals the title of his next project, which is 'The Law of Noir'. For now, that's all we've got is the synopsis in 140 characters via Twitter which reads:

"A young law intern is tasked with defending a client, accused of human trafficking". 

Carma Roberts is becoming widely popular for his shorts and placing Birmingham talent on the map. If you're hearing about him for the first time, then we welcome you to the club, as this filmmaker has done heaps of work and we've witnessed his progression in the past few years so far. He's had a massive reception for his premiere debut 'Curiosity Calls' and last year's  'Cleo's Choice'



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