When you place a winning team in a movie, then you’re SURE KNOW that their performances will be a blockbuster.

With books being brought alive from words to moving image, 20th Century Fox place Charles Martin’s novel to task.

‘The Mountain Between Us’ could set many viewers into predicting Idris Elba and Kate Winslet for another round  of award nominations. We get to see a developing friendship between the two leading protagonists who come from completely different backgrounds.

The Mountain Between Us’ follows from the sci-fi ‘The Dark Tower’ for Elba, where he plays the Gunslinger who defends the physical world from the supernatural evils.  We all know that  he’s making a director debut with his upcoming film ‘Yardie’ starring Aml Ameen and Naomi Ackie; with his appearance in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ completed and set for release this autumn.‘The Mountain Between Us’ also sees  Beau Bridges (‘Bloodline’) and Dermot Mulroney (‘Shameless‘) having supporting roles alongside these award-winning actors.

The film date for ‘The Mountain Between Us’ is yet to be released.


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