Take your fantasy dreams into the oddly-other world of 'Shape of Water', where lonely Elisa (Sally Hawkins) connects with a creature being used as an unclassified experiment at a high- security governmental laboratory where she works.


This is not meant to happen. As both Elisa and her co-worker (Zelda) interrupt the experiment procedures with their quest to save the creature. Set in the backdrop of the Cold War America era, Guillermo del Toro brings another of his fantastical whirlwind that is embedded with emotion and sympathy. Viewers will embark on whether the creature will be saved from being exploited by the scientists. It changes the course of the schedule, as the fight now is for Elisa to save the one and only love of her life.

Besides 'The Shape of Water,' del Toro is also working on 'The Pacific Rim.' Judging from the trailer, the film has gone to extreme lengths with the other-world imagination of Elisa's mind of being underwater in another set of time, and her saving the beautiful creature will get her much closer to it.




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