Singer-Songwriter, Torii Wolf has emerged into the music scene as if she were a professional. The artist from Wantagh, New York traded coasts as she moved around West Coast cities and while doing so, enhanced herself artistically through experiencing new music and a world of cultures.

Torii has so far enjoyed a successful rise to the scene, all down to her sultry voice, range and musicality. Building up to her debut solo release, the artist has already seen herself premiered by platforms such as Pitchfork, Complex, Pigeons & Planes, Mass Appeal and Okayplayer.

The producer behind the new track is DJ Premier, who has has a successful backlog of tracks. The new project which is a collaboration between the two gives a taste of multiple genres, age and expectations. Showing us their versatility.

However, “Preemo” as DJ Premier is also known as, has always been a conduit for artists of all genres to affix their lyrics to his complex rhythms with previous artists including Christiana Aguilera, Lion Babe and Janet Jackson.

While DJ Premier has previously collaborated with fellow iconic female artists, in none of the previous examples has he taken the reigns to not only produce the bulk of the material but too also serve as an executive producer. With a resume like Premier’s, it takes a lot to get his attention, and Torii has already done so- an achievement.

Torii and Premier now deliver “Big Big Trouble”, which has exclusively been premiered from Genius.


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