Both Brum’s Valentine and Lerome has given us this eclectic sound of Zimbabwe with their new single ‘Move Right’. There’s something about this track that is different afrobeat sound from West Africa, as its beat is light against the rhythm producing a rather sexier sound.

It’s out of the ordinary hip-hop tunes that made Valentine and Lerome the talk of the town. For them to harness their African heritage is something rather beautiful. Valentine describes producing the track as ‘natural’ as he reminisces the days that he “…started recording music back in Zimbabwe… my cousins and all his boys would make bashment tunes.”

This tune will make you clap your hands, the minute you press the play button. If they continue with this sultry sound, they can really make waves in the world of popular music. We’ve seen Tiggs Da Author mix his musical heritage with the raspy Motown soul and look forward to seeing what the entrepreneurial duo will have up their sleeves. Apart from hosting live events, Valentine and Lerome control their creativity as they also film, edit and direct their own video shoots, as well as write their own tunes. Be ready to ‘Move Right’ when you hear this sexy single.


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