Things are saucy with Vibbar’s new release ‘Sweden’.

After making haze-wave resample of the classic Lonyo track ‘Summer of Love’, the group are back with another one; continuing forward with their amped-up bass and crystal clear production that consists with cutting-edge rhythm.

Originally the song was a sample by a garage artist /Dj from back in the day called Lonyo. We sampled his hit ‘Summer of love’ and originally used that title, to pay homage.

The new squad in town are about to make everyone look their way, with their trap sound that consists of slick instrumentals and their undeniable diversity craft for creativity. Yes folks, these guys have already got everyone’s tongue wagging across Radar Radio and 1Xtra, not to mention the Billboard Hip Hop circle.

Diving into their music inspirations Vibbar brought lyricism (thanks to Skits, Skribz and Jordy) and cutting-edge production. Apart from Skits, Skribz and Jordy who are indeed the rappers, you also have Yinkasays who’s the vivid art director behind the visuals and the famous Poet, who’s has a strong secure following after presenting on Youtube football phenomenon Copa 90. TheConfect is the music producers that you should be thanking for this great track as the finishing product is definitely top class.



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