Daniel Rusteau is a multi-threat right now.

He’s a lover of all things film, theatre and television as well as being a maker of it. Like he states on his Twitter profile “I couldn’t get cast in a TV show so I made my own!”

In a short space of time he produced two projects (“Blighty BFF” and “Wedding Dates”) and appeared in “Brothers With No Game” and is currently going on stage as Horatio in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” in Peckham. Plus, he’s got his own podcast – and he blogs too! (see what we mean when we say multi-threat).

Our support for his comedic work earn us his respect. So why not interview this go-getter even though in reality he is just a very humble hard working man looking to imprint on the entertainment industry UK and beyond.

We chat to Daniel Rusteau and talk about everything from his cute face, to his plans of writing up a novella and dealing with the taboo topic of polygamy through his second series “Wedding Dates” and also how he describes his personality through a blockbuster movie.

1. Daniel Rusteau! Hope you don’t mind us asking, does your surname have to be pronounced with a French accent?

Haha. No just ‘Roo-stow’ it’s from the Seychelles but don’t worry about using an accent.

2. Congrats on everything! Loved the “Blighty BFF” at Screen Nation! It was very funny. Who knew that the ‘cute face’ that appeared in the show “Brothers With No Game” can be such a talented writer and director. Or is there more talent up your sleeve that we should know about?

Glad you enjoyed it. That was a crazy night. The response to Blighty:BFF got was so overwhelming because I thought it was just me and my mate that liked it. So many kind people came up to me saying how much they enjoyed it which I can’t lie got me a little emosh. Screen Nation were such generous hosts, love some free wine, and it was kinda surreal seeing all these people I’d watched online and on TV for years all around me. Think the free wine is kinda to blame for my teary-eyed moments.
As for other talents I’ve always been into learning random skills like close up magic and instruments. I picked up the Ukelele recently and loved it so might start working on that one soon.
Cute face?! Thank you, that’s my favourite compliment of the year.

Blighty BFF

3. What has been the response with “Wedding Dates”? Any chance as to whether a second season will be up on the cards?

It’s been cool. I always knew the audience was gonna be quite niche because of the topic. Polyamory is a bit of a taboo subject and if you mix that up with obscure TV and Film reference and meta style that I write in I knew it would be quite different from most shows and would take some time to find it’s audience which is quite small right now but I can’t explain how much I love every single one of them. I’m currently working on season two aiming for a Spring release.

Wedding Dates

4. Film, Television or Theatre? Where does your heart lie? You can only choose one.

I’m so sorry. I can’t choose. That’s like asking me to choose between eating or sleeping. All depends on the time of the day.

5. We understand that you’re at a good place in your career and your show “Wedding Dates” was nominated at Screen Nation’s DigitaliS Media Awards. How does it feel to be recognised for your work and potential at one to Britain’s Emerging Black Film & Television Awards?

Amazing! I remember “Brothers With No Game” being nominated a few years back and being so inspired. “Wedding Dates” is a little out there in its subject matter so I respect Screen Nation so much for giving us the nod.

6. If you wasn’t pursuing acting, what career path would you pursue instead?

It would definitely be full time writing but not just for the stage and screen. I’d have a daily blog and also write fiction novels and non fiction books on my favourite subjects like film, tv, sex, relationships etc. I’ll probably do all of these things anyway. I’m slyly working on my first novella now.

7. Describe your personality as a mainstream movie title that’ll beat Star Wars at the UK Box Office (no offence to Star Wars).

Haha. What a question. I have no idea. Erm…

The Loner Stoner.
Skulls and Naked Chicks.
Tequila Shots
I’m Gonna Amber Your Rose
Free Wine
Pizza I Love You
Kisses On Your Face

8. What made you come up with the concept for “Wedding Dates”? In your opinion do committed couples seriously do what Jamie & Charlie showcase in the show?

Yes, of course they do. It’s just not something we see anywhere in mainstream entertainment. I read a lot about love, attraction and sociology and wanted to make a comedy that would be entertaining but also shine a light on a different lifestyle without judgement. Right now Jamie and Sean are dipping their toes into the open relationship lifestyle but season two is gonna have them cannon balling into the middle of the pool.

9. What do you think makes a good comedy? As from our understanding there’s different types. You can either have the dark comedy or erm…just comedy. Cos it’s easy to make people laugh, but it’s another thing to make them get the stunt that they can relate to.

For me a good comedy is a number of different things. I like comedy that I can relate to the situation. Like the awkwardness of The Office and Awkward Black Girl or the pessimism of Louie. I love shows like Scrubs and Community which are silly, self-referential but with a serious moral and social lesson.

10. Even though you’re busy with all things digital, you’re currently appearing in “Hamlet” at the Bussey Building in Peckham. Can you give us more details about your character and the show itself.

I’m so excited about this. I’m playing Horatio in my favourite Shakespeare piece. We’ve just finished our five week rehearsal which was the most intense but extremely educational month of my life. Our amazing director, Anthony Green, has created a new, cool, stylish, intense and somewhat immersive show. The cast are all so talented and amazing and I’m in love with all of them. We’ve just started our run which will be from 1st – 27th February at the Bussey Building in Peckham.

11. We’re placing you on the hot seat now based around the emerging rise of webseries/webshows:

a) Name a webshow that you’ve wished you’ve directed.

Brothers With No Game.

b) A webseries that you’re loving right now

A Lesson Learnt. Great story, acting, directing, editing everything.

c) A webseries that you can add another character to the script? If you had the opportunity, what would their character profile be like (personality, relationships, jobs, residence etc).

Not sure about that but I’d love to add the character Charlie from Wedding Dates into Brothers With No Game and have Dorian in an episode of Wedding Dates. Love when shows do crossovers like that.

12. You also have podcast. Tell us a little bit more about that.

The only thing I love more than watching films and tv is talking about films and tv so I started a podcast where I just sit with friends and talk about film and tv. Sometimes its with someone from the industry and we have a little interview about how they got into the industry, advice, tips etc.

13. Any chance as to whether you’ll plan to do a feature length film in the future?

Definitely! I’ve written quite a few feature scripts which I’m actively pitching to production companies. Had a couple ‘almosts’ but not quite secured the deals. Someday, I’m sure.

14. Apart from the current cast in “Wedding Dates”, who else would you love to work with in the future that would appear on the show?

The amazingly talented and beautiful Michaela Coel. Chewing Gum is genius.

15. What’s happening with “Brothers With No Game?” Will there be another third season?! Do you know anything yet in regards to this?

There will, but that’s all I’m allowed to say. But I can guarantee you it will be worth the wait.

Follow Daniel Rusteau via Twitter @DanielRusteau. You can catch him in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” right now until the 27th February at the Bussey Building in Peckham.

Subscribe to his blog: http://danielrusteau.com

TV and Film Podcast: http://apple.co/1KVUrsu



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