Afrikan Boy’s music video is hot with synths of grime in the mix with ‘Wot It Do’. The music video is ever forward with the diverse fashion and style to make up for the location, which we all know Afrikan Boy for. He’s always been strong about his lane and what he’s about, placing an unapologetic stamp to his own identity.

The M.I.A collaborator who brought us breakthrough track ‘One Day I Went To Lidl’ brought about the linguistics of pidgin English and the second wave of Afrobeats that has made both J Hus and Kojey Radical become pop. With new studio album in the works for the release in 2018, Afrika Boy releases a track that deals with the “…reality out through various screens and we all crop out elements of things we don’t want to send out to the world.” Merging the rhythmic drums of Afrobeats with the edgy rips of Grime is a brilliant recipe produced by Jan Blumentrath & David Alexander (Pearls Negras, Yo Majesty). It’s the first time that Afrikan Boy has worked with these producers.


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