Danielle Vitalis (‘Honeytrap’, ‘Youngers’ and ‘Attack the Block’) shines in this sci-fi apocalypse ‘Afro Punk Girl’ by Annetta Laufer.

The short film follows the likes of  ‘Book of Eli’ (Denzel Washington) and ‘I’m Am Legend’ (Will Smith) by giving an post-apocalypse setting. However, unlike these two movies that are the biggest exports from America, Laufer decided to set her sci-fi in a futuristic Britain, where violence is rife and military-dictatorship governs the country. With the country scarce food and family dispersed, the young female punk protagonist decides to go North – only to encounter an elderly alcoholic man which an electronic box, who males a deal with Lil to offer to show her where to gain access to food in exchange of riding the rickshaw.

Working alongside Laufer,  Shobu Kapoor, Anya Ryzhenkova were the producers of this show and Charlie Hanson is the executive producer. The film was releases under Roman Candle Productions. Frank Moon is credited as the composers of the movie. Larrington Walker (‘Inspector Morse’, ‘The Bill ‘and ‘Holby City’) is cast as the elderly man with the electronic box.


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