Not long now until the rap collective release their debut self-titled album. In the meantime, there’s a new upload from the group called “Maybe Yeah”. A smooth soul track that is pure gold in the ears with the heavily relaxed flow and crisped on point production.

Remember that we told you that these guys are the ones-to-watch in 2017, as they are the UK answer to nineties, Tribes to Quest and The Fugees. Daniella blesses the group with the honey-sugar vocals whilst rappers Butch Arkas and Kyote Noir continue to feed us with conscious rap and lyricism. “Maybe Yeah” is crisp with the smooth beat and slick guitar that makes this track the chilled R&B tune that’s great to wake up to. The group’s album is their first major work after releasing “The L.U.N.A Mixtape” and “Coco”. They’ve released standalone tracks such as “Sweetness”, “Freddie” and “Blow Me Away”, with each having their accompanying videos. “Feels So Good” marked the announcement of their self-titled album and is among the tracklist.



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